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I made a little vid of this game. I don't think I am necessarily the best at it, definitely not haha, but I still really enjoyed it. Good job. 

I thought it was enjoyable but, a few things would have been nicer such as, back ground music. I suppose I could of added my own but, would have just been nice to have it already in the game. More Grim Reaper commentary would of helped too. Him just going hmmm and, uhhhh wasn't too engaging. Like I said this is a good game borrows elements from papers please and, other good vs bad games but, throws in some added comedy.

Hey! Played a bit of this on my channel! All I can say for certain is that all dogs go to heaven. :P

Hello! I really enjoyed the game, and the overall idea of it is pretty neat. Even with a lack of music and the constant sighing in the background the game was great and fun! I can't wait to see more! 

Hi ! I really like the concept of this game. Do you think that you will make a version for MAC someday ? 

Hilarious, well-executed concept. Great game to kill time with!

Neat little game. Loved the different causes of death

Awesome game, but with how annoying it is to swipe on PC you should allow the arrow keys to swipe, also the reaper's sighs get very annoying.

Really enjoyed this game! So simple yet so fun! Did a lets play, check it out if you like! But try this game! Its to die for!! 

Hi! Can you post the link to your LD42 entry? Awesome game! Thanks!

Here you go

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